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Commercial Property Insurance


What does it mean to have the type of commercial property insurance Staten Island business owners have been relying on for years? It means working with a commercial insurance company that understands how important it is to respond quickly to your claims. It means getting your insurance from an agent that also happens to be a business expert and knows exactly what you need to protect your company. It means doing business with DMAS Insurance. View our other commercial insurance.

The kind of commercial property insurance Staten Island business rely on will understand how quickly you need your company sign repaired after a major storm. After all, people cannot find your business if your sign is not there. DMAS Insurance will respond quickly if you have a major water leak in your office basement that damages your documents and puts your computer network at risk. We know how important those items are to the daily operation of your business, and we know how fast we need to respond. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Our comprehensive commercial property insurance offers protection for:

  • Your exterior and interior signage
  • Your office furniture and equipment
  • The inventory you use to keep your customers happy
  • Any of the landscaping surrounding your office that gives your company a professional appearance
  • Those moments when things do quite go right on a job and you damage your customer’s property

Our business experts work closely with you to create insurance coverage that fits your business perfectly and allows you to run your business with peace of mind. Each and every commercial property insurance policy we write is different, but they all achieve the same goal of protecting our customers from a variety of property issues.

We invite you to give our experts a call today and find out more about our commercial property insurance. We would be honored with the opportunity to show you why so many Staten Island businesses feel safe when they are covered by DMAS Insurance.