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Auto Insurance


DMAS Insurance is the company you rely on for the best Staten Island homeowners insurance in the area. But when you bundle our homeowners insurance with our Staten Island auto insurance, you get the best personal insurance bundle deal in the area. We protect you and your car whenever you are on the road, and we have plenty of discounts that will make your Staten Island auto insurance affordable.

Auto insurance is only effective when it matches your lifestyle. If you walk to work, ride the bus, or ride your bike, then you should not have to pay the same rates as someone who drives to work. We look at all of your Staten Island auto insurance needs and we meet them with a plan that makes sense to you. We also understand how important it is to keep your auto insurance affordable and that is why we offer a variety of deductibles to meet your needs.

Is your teenager getting ready to start driving? Not only can we set you and your teen up with the right policy, but we can make plenty of suggestions that will save your family money. We will help you decide if it is best to put your teen on your policy, or if your teen will save more money by being on their own. Contact us today!

No matter what your needs are with your Staten Island auto insurance, DMAS has the products and professionals to make sure that you can drive with confidence. We offer plenty of information on insurance discounts, and we are also able to take your claim whenever you need. We know that you never want to use your auto insurance, but we also know that you want the best possible service when you do have to make a claim. We offer that service and we are proud to be the choice of Staten Island drivers for their auto insurance needs.