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General Liability


At DMAS Insurance we are business experts as well as insurance professionals. We understand the critical importance of commercial insurance to your business, which means that we are proud to offer the most comprehensive Staten Island general liability insurance available. We understand the unique challenges that Staten Island businesses face, and that helps us to put together a Staten Island general liability insurance package that protects your business.

In the business world, one wrong move could mean the end of your company. If a disgruntled customer decides to sue your business or you face the possibility of a lawsuit over a defective product, you could be looking at closing your doors forever. But we have the commercial insurance policies you need to defend your business and focus on growing your business. Our job is to make sure that your business is able to navigate the rough waters of the corporate world, and we do so with comprehensive Staten Island general liability insurance. Contact us today!

Our general liability insurance will protect you from any property damage or injuries that have occurred as a result of your regular business operations, and we also protect against special circumstances as well. We protect you from issues pertaining to your advertising, pollution issues, and any potential copyright issues.

In business, things can go wrong with or without your doing. The worst thing that can happen is that your business would close because your sustained financial damages you could not absorb. When you have the kind of Staten Island general liability insurance offered by DMAS Insurance, you are protected from those incidents and you won’t have to close your doors. Talk to one of our experts today and find out how mush safer your business will be when you do business with DMAS Insurance.